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Orders are accepted from July through October when the cattle reach about 18 months of age. 

We sell beef by the side; if you desire a 1/4 you are welcome to partner with another customer who wants only 1/4 and split the side. Cuts from the side will be equally divided and boxed for your shared convenience.


Pricing is per-pound hanging weight, the common industry standard.  2011  beef side price is $2.78, quarter price $2.95. Processing costs, cut, wrapping is included. The Processing costs amount to 25% of the Per pound price. a beef side may way 350-375 pounds.

Cut Sheet

A cut sheet is prepared for Owasco Meats to process your beef. Owasco Meats  is USDA inspected. See a sample cut sheet here. Special cutting is available to meet your needs. Please see the Guide to Beef Cuts.

Deer Run Farms  will assist in cut sheet preparation


After the beef dry ages for 10-12 days, the meat is processed, vacuum-packed in clear freezer plastic with a label listing the type of cut and date processed, and immediately frozen. The farm has multiple freezers for personal use and we have eaten beef stored for 3-4 years with no loss of quality.

Lasting Value

A 300 pound side may last a family of 4 nearly 1 year. With our “new economy,” families may begin eating more traditional dinners at home.

Freezer Space

For a side of beef, you will need a 7 or 8 cubic foot freezer.

Delivery & Payment

Payment is appreciated on delivery.








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